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Wellness Stay

Ax-Les-Thermes has the honor of harboring the hottest steaming sulfur springs in the Pyrenees at a temperature of 170°F (77°C). They can be found all over the city center. This characteristic of the city ensures you’ll have a wellness stay during your vacation in the Pyrenees!

Activities of a wellness stay in our campground

Our campground offers numerous activities during your vacation. Get acquainted with low-impact activities like yoga. Your teacher organizes several classes for all ages during the course of the week. Remember to book an outdoor yoga session and be in a good state of mind. Moreover, we provide equipment for you to play sports or board games.


Go for a walk around the campground and come back, your minds brimming with images of landscapes! You’ll enjoy breathtaking scenic views from the heights of Ariège but also the tranquility and peacefulness of headwater lakes.

Thermal Springs

Ariège thermal establishments are licensed to treat rheumatism and the aftereffects of trauma injuries as well as respiratory conditions (ENT, Respiratory Medicine).

You will enjoy these healing properties as part of a spa treatment at Les Bains du Couloubret (Couloubret Baths), a spa recreation center open to adults and children age 5 and above. Going to the springs is also the perfect way to end the day or a mountain stay.


Relax your muscles after a hike on the heights of Ariège or after a bike ride. Your mind will thank you for this moment of pure relaxation that is essential in the thermal springs. End your vacation on a gentle note. 

Dear fellow spa-goers, various stay deals are offered during the course of the year. Do not hesitate to contact us or to take a look at our prices.

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