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Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees massif, between France and Spain, Andorra has everything you want in a nature gateway: it’s a country where the mountain is queen all year round. Narrow and deep valleys stand alongside the highest peaks; ice covered rivers expand after snowmelt as well-organized cities scattered throughout the mountain at an altitude of about 3,300 miles (1,000 meters) blend naturally in the background.

Visit Andorra

If you have the opportunity, take a moment to go up to the Roc Del Quer lookout and enjoy the splendid view of one of the most beautiful Andorra valley. This vertiginous promontory is more than 1,600 feet (500 meters) high up in the Canillo village at the level of the Ordino Pass.

The 180 degrees panoramic view from the suspended platform is simply breathtaking. With the wind, it feels like we’re floating in the air! It’s not for nothing that this place in Andorra became that much famous. At the far end of the railing, you’ll find a sculpture, a thinker sitting on a beam facing the vast landscape.

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