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Camping & fishing

If you are a fishing enthusiast, know that Ariège has plenty of trouts waiting to be hooked. Le Malazéou offers stays in Ariège where you can both camp and fish! There are several streams, rivers and ponds in the valley for you to practice this sport. Go back to the campground to rest in the wooden mobile homes designed for your comfort. At night on the terrace, tell the other fishermen of the campground about your achievements and your experience! There is a store about 0.5 miles (1 km) away from the campground that sells all the necessary equipment. If you don’t have a fishing permit but you are eager to try your hand at fishing trout, you will be able to buy a card for the day.

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Fishing spots near the campground

In the Ax valley, there are plenty of fishing spots: the Ariège river, easily accessible from Ax-Les-Thermes, will lead you deeper in the valley where you’ll discover many nice fishing spots. The Nabre, Bésines, Mourgouillou and Eychenac streams are quieter, there, you’ll be able to meet the fish face to face in a peaceful atmosphere. You’ll find two reservoirs at the east of the city where you’ll be able to peacefully fish. If you follow the Ariège river, you’ll find two catch-and-release zones, one in the Moulsut pond and the other one in the Mourgouillou stream. There are also many small high-altitude ponds, where you’ll fish in exceptional surroundings!

Fishes you could catch in Ariège

You’ll find many fish species in the Ax valley waters. Among them is the rainbow trout, recognizable by its black spots and pinkish stripe along its flank. You’ll also spot brook trouts, Arctic chars and lake trouts. If you choose to keep your catch, you’ll be able to cook it in the fully equipped mobile homes of our campground!

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