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Ariège campground

Ariège, cradle of prehistory and fiefdom of Cathars, still bears the mark those men and women, our ancestors, left in History. Vestiges can be seen in numerous sites.

What to visit?

  • The Lombrives Cave: the widest cave of Europe with its own grandiose, fascinating and beautiful underground world.
  • The Niaux Cave: famous for the quality of its remarkably well preserved prehistoric paintings. 
  • The Cave of the Cow: to discover the daily life of the prehistoric Magdalenian hunters, their tools, their weapons, their inventions and their art.
  • The Bédeilhac Cave: an unusual and lesser known prehistory: unique paintings, etches, drawings and clay low reliefs.

Go for a walk in Ariège

  • The Prehistoric Park: follow the footsteps of Magdalenians, come and discover, learn, have fun and relax with your family or among friends.
  • The Foix Castle: standing on top of a rock piton, this castle of the Middle Ages with its high walls and three tours overlooks the Medieval city of Foix.
  • The Castle of Montségur: the fortress of vertigo.
  • The Lordat Castle: a Cathar vestige overlooking the valley.

Magalie and Laura are here to give you advice on discovery trails, don’t hesitate to ask at the campground front desk.


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